3 Amazing Tips on How to Work Under Pressure

I presented at the DeepDive Meetup last Friday on the topic “Fundamentals of HTML.” I have not practiced HTML for more than 10 years. But since I knew that I had to deliver a presentation, I made sure to practice and ended up giving a good show.

Truly, the best way to learn something is through teaching. Because of that presentation, I became more confident with my HTML skills. Pressure was what brought out the best in me.

We’ve all experienced dealing with pressure at home, at work, and a lot of different places. At home, this may manifest in the form of electric bills and budget for groceries. While at work, it may appear in the form of project deadlines, work performance issues and job demands.

Everywhere we go, there will always be something that can stress us out. But rather than letting ourselves be overwhelmed by it, learn to channel it in a healthier and more productive manner. This will help you thrive in your workplace despite the pressures you feel around you.

Here are 4 amazing tips on how to thrive in working under pressure.

1.   Create a strategy on what to prioritize more.

Take the time to assess all the tasks that need to be done. Ask yourself which tasks need to be done immediately. With a deadline set, you’ll need to prioritize the more important tasks than the minor ones.

By doing this, you can sort out which of the tasks that can be delegated to other people, or which can be done at a later time. This helps you finish your tasks more efficiently.

2.   Focus on the matter at hand.

With the deadline just around the corner, it may be unavoidable t=for you to start feeling tense. But this is actually very unhealthy for you mental health. To be able to thrive under pressure, you should also know when to step back and slow down.

Stop giving yourself unnecessary worries. Being able to take action despite of the fear and stress your feeling takes courage. Have the courage to try and make the most out of things.

3.   Think of pressure as an opportunity to grow.

Rather than losing to pressure, use it as an opportunity to grow and be better. The more you get pushed to the wall, the more you feel motivated to push back. Doing this can help make your horizons and perspective towards work broader.

Take it as a challenge to help you become the best version of yourself.