Never let negativity kill your hard-earned personal brand.

Being negative on Social Media can kill your personal brand!

Yes, you read right.

Social Media is nothing less than a blessing. It allows you to reach anyone without any geographical boundary. You can create your personal brand on Social Media straight from your home, even without leaving your house.

Also, on Social Media, everyone has freedom of expression.

But, but, but. Besides its many benefits, it has some downsides too.

Coming back to the freedom of expression part, it can turn out to be a disaster.

If you want to be a personal brand, never indulge in online wars. Even if someone tries to spread negativity, you should not behave the same way.

Let me tell you why?

People look up to the personal brand. Any ‘online’ misbehave creates a wrong impression.

What you post on the Internet stays there for years. Not now, but someone will read it later and may create a wrong assumption about you.

Indulging in negativity impacts your mental health and reduces productivity.

It takes months and years to create a successful personal brand. But a single post can snatch it away from you.

So, how to avoid negativity and maintain your class on Social Media?

Below are some handy tips you can follow –

☑️Don’t feed the trolls – Ignorance is the best revenge. Ignore the hateful comments by merely not replying to them. Many people have so much idle time. And, you know you can’t please everyone with your content. So, it’s better to avoid them. But on a side note, understand the difference between troll and feedback. There could be a few feedbacks which you might not like, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore it totally. Give a promising response to feedbacks. And trolls? I-G-N-O-R-E.

☑️Don’t spread negativity on other people’s posts – Everyone has a different opinion. Hence it is absolutely understandable that you might not like a few posts. But it doesn’t mean you will bash it thoroughly. Remember, your followers are watching you. Hence, think twice before commenting on anything. Leave a positive impression, always!

☑️Report and Block- One of the best things about Social Media is, we have the power to report & block. If someone is often targeting you for no reason, simply block them. This way, he/she can’t see your posts in the future.

These are small nuances of personal branding, but crucial. Never let negativity kill your hard-earned personal brand.

Do you agree?