About Nainil Chheda

Nainil Chheda, MS (MIS) is a IT Procurement Manager at eClinicalWorks LLC MA (USA), providing purchasing, vendor relationship management, process improvement, contract negotiations and technical coordination services. In addition, he is responsible for being a product manager for the company’s special-events website development.

He is also responsible for ensuring the overall development of the product in compliance with the various healthcare standards (CCR, CCD) and meaningful-use certifications (CCHIT) with core specialization in product security.

He specializes in Section 508 Compliance for website usability and design. In addition he specializes in change management, task co-ordination, process improvement and identifying and addressing organizational concerns. He also consults to firms in the Healthcare IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Educational Services, Insurance, Retail as well as the Web Hosting, Domain Investment and Development Industry.

He is a frequent attendant at the nationwide healthcare conferences, IT seminars and various standards and interoperability committee meetings. His most recent research concentrates on the aspects of the game theory in application towards finding equilibrium in the healthcare industry. His research concerns reaction from electronic health record (EHR) vendors, healthcare providers, end-user issues in medical informatics.

Nainil has written a variety of healthcare and information system research papers and presentations. He also has special interest in Organizational Development.

He holds a Masters (in MIS) from the Temple University (PA, USA) and a B.Com from Mumbai University (Maharashtra, INDIA). He has research interest in the Game Theory and the Governing Dynamics of the Internet.

Nainil Chheda,MS is IT Procurement Manager at eClinicalWorks LLC, Business Analyst for eLiteral, Director of Anandji Cables Pvt. Ltd., Member of EHRA, Tie-Boston and a practicing researcher on Healthcare Informatics.

Specialties: procurement manager, product management, cio, health care, knowledge management, knowledge research specialist, process improvement, communications, conflict resolution, section 508 compliance, search engine optimization, petrology, business management, certifications expert, organizational development