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January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2013
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January 1, 2010

The year 2008 has been extremely productive for me. I started focusing more on Personal & Social Development. My parents while visiting us gave me a great advice: They said that we are currently at a very young age. Our times spent at work are well recognized. However to become better than the rest, we must continue to learn and excel. It’s easy to learn at work but learning something more other than work is the real gift.

My activities & learning efforts in 2008 included:

  1. Got myself a new house (See Pictures)
  2. Discovered that I get a lot of satisfaction in activities that include “Organizational Development
  3. Took more vacation time in my entire life than I have ever taken. [ Trip to Las Vegas, Trip to Myrtle Beach]
  4. Got myself a Google Picasa Premium account and organized my Photographs
  5. Organized my Family Contacts & Events Calendar using Google Docs so that all my family members could use it by collaboration
  6. Did a quick check on my Wardrobe: I realized I had more than 175 clothes in total which I consider is a lot. So I have decided to donate around 25% of the same.
  7. Organized my Movie (DVD) Collection so that if I misplace one, I still have a count on what I had. (My Movie List)
  8. I made a few custom modifications on my Website to display my Twitter & Blog feed posts.
  9. Realized that coordinating an event is more difficult than it seems.
  10. Got myself Dragon Naturally Speaking for Speech Recognition.
  11. Made a lot of Process definition & improvement at work.

My Resolution for 2009:

  1. Try to learn from my past. I believe to have forgotten all the basics from my past including History, Geography & Science. This was because I studied to pass the exam and not to learn for my knowledge. Now I want to change the same. I’ll do so by reading my school text books.
  2. Learn Yoga (Link)
  3. Learn the fundamentals of an S corporation v/s LLC.
  4. Read daily a story which has a “Moral” to it. I usually like to read “Tinkle” because it has a lot of Graphic and makes it interesting & easy to read.
  5. Try to be more object oriented in work than do odd jobs that will help me learn a lot but not engrave me with detailed skill set.
  6. Help a social organization develop and maintain its website.
  7. Understand HIPAA, Security Laws and Disability Compliance updates
  8. Not be lazy and be in touch with friends and maintain healthy social relationships.

Each year I try to document my resolutions. There are a few which I never get a chance to meet. However there are a few which I complete and am proud of.

Like everyday in my life, I learn from observation; Again in 2010, I choose to learn all the good things from life and share it with others through means of education and knowledge sharing by use of collaboration tools like this blog.

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