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January 2, 2013
An Organized Life
January 2, 2013
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December 16, 2007

I have always believed in optimizing time and work effort to lead a balanced life.

Todd D. Rakoff is Byrne Professor of Administrative Law, Harvard University. His book “A Time for Every Purpose – Law and the Balance of Life” explains the various laws which govern our effective use of time and it explains that the structure of our time for organized efforts is gradually changing.

Here is my work schedule:

  • 6.30 AM : E-mail
  • 7.00 AM : Write project plan for a process optimization project.
  • 8.00 AM : Read news, blogs and watch videos on Health Care; Technology and Government matters.
  • 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM :
    • Every day I attend 2 meetings (at least) and define rules for process definition and improvement.
    • I am a developer by heart; I spend an hour coding for our “HelpDesk” using open source (PHP and MySQL). The HelpDesk is a central source for all our internal communication needs.
    • Write and send enterprise e-mail about our monthly Network Maintenance updates; Email Policies; Latest updates on Health Care; Introduction of new projects.
    • Attend communications-project steering committee meeting
    • Define pricing for customized development items and lay down a road map for timely completion of the projects
    • Define knowledge transfer rules for an employee
    • Meet with senior vice president of sales to discuss plans for: Website updates; New ideas on marketing
  • 7.00 PM : E-mail
  • 8.00 PM : Dinner with family
  • 9.00 PM : Update Blog; Write research paper [on Governing Dynamics of Internet (Health Care IT)]
  • 10.00 PM : Study Jainism and geological sediments (rock formation)

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