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January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2013
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December 25, 2007

My first encounter with materialistic world came into actual realization when I first had to shift apartments from Philadelphia to Boston. I realized that I had almost 30% of house inventory which I had never used or was not going to use in the future. Since then I decided to balance my needs and wants which my factual needs and wants.

This Christmas myself and my wife we both decided to give each other a gift. We decided to:

  1. Organize our Documents with online access control.
  2. Remove all unused items for charitable donation or recycling.
  3. Scan all our Health Records and upload it on Microsoft HealthVault

Online Documents: We have scanned all of our most important documents and have uploaded them on a dedicated VPS server with dual backup facility for real time accessibility of data. We are now able to organize our documents online without the fear of loosing them for the rest of our lives.

Charitable Event: We donate our unwanted clothes at the local Walmart’s Cloths Donation boxes. Any other unused item goes to “Salvation Army” or any such projects available locally.

HealthVault: Microsoft HealthVault is personal health technology platform that lets you gather, store and share health information online. With HealthVault, users control their own health records, so they can privately share their health information with family, friends and healthcare professionals, and have access to trustworthy online health management tools.

We spent a total of 2 weekends to take care of the above mentioned tasks. By doing this exercise:

  1. Time is saved (as we lead a more organized life).
  2. We have a clear understanding of our needs and wants.
  3. We are now looking at the bigger picture of being a united family with a sense of responsibility towards the world we live in.
  4. We are able to find anything we need without searching for it.
  5. We have secure Health Records; accessible from any where around the world.
  6. We embrace technology to make our lives simpler.

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