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January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2013
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February 16, 2009

Being a CIO, I hear people complaining every hour of the day:

  1. The network performance is too slow
  2. I need more RAM
  3. My emails are not going out
  4. I don’t like being a “Limited User”. Please make me a “Power User”
  5. My computer just froze up

It would be wrong if I mentioned that everything that the members request was invalid.

There have been instances when the Network performance is very slow. It feels as if you can click a button, go to the kitchen and brew coffee. Even after that your page might not load. Some members really need to upgrade their workstation memory as they would have installed some apps which require a higher processing unit.

Even with these experiences, I am not convinced that those who use technology are patient enough to deal with the same. My inclination is toward these examples:

1. As soon as one logins to the computer, the user constantly moves the mouse thinking that the computer might react to the mouse movement and the screen would reflect the users desktop.

What the user is forgetting is that even though he/she is constantly moving the mouse to make the computer react faster, there is an additional level of processing which is consuming the current resources of the workstation. Thus making it even slower.

2. If a user is not able to send an email, he/she directly contacts the Network Admin. They need to do some basic testing which would include:

Check if the internet connection is available

Did you know? Most of the issues in your computer (about 75%) are resolved by just restarting the same.

Everyone wants the information to flow pretty seamlessly to their system. The fundamental fault in this assumption is that there are a number of dependencies which might cause the system/network to fail.

To respect technology is to be patient with the technology. One must not show his/her emotions by being frustraited over a slow network connection or a bad keyboard. They should try to find a solution to the situation by being patient. Technology is there to help and not make life complicated.

My advice to everyone: Be patient with technology and you will find great results with what you are trying to achive.

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