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January 2, 2013
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January 7, 2008

Everyday we have over 2500 calls triaged over the phone.

Triage is defined as: The process by which projects or activities are prioritized to determine which should be attempted first, second, etc. (it is also known as “Sorting of Grapes”)

The Triage Team (for a call center) needs:

1 To ask appropriate questions to the client
2 To evaluate the call and classify the same into the appropriate queue

When the Triage Team assigns a call to a member of our company, the member needs a clear understanding of what the client is expecting from them so that they can provide a faster and appropriate response.

In our current situation we get calls from clients on:

  1. Regular Support Requests
  2. Departmental Phone Transfers
  3. Areas which need immediate attention
  4. Uncertain areas

Out of all these 4 situations we are able to handle the first three with appropriate procedures. However “Uncertain areas” are difficult to control due to the fact that they have random occurrences and do not have the correct triage policy set.

To reduce the number of “uncertain” client call domains we defined a process for Smart Triage:

  1. Educate various departments
  2. Gather a list of questions from the support techs and other departments
  3. Prepare a database of appropriate questions needed to be asked by the triage team before transferring the call to the support techs.
  4. Ask intelligent questions to the customers.
  5. Direct calls to the right person so that the “First Call Resolution” goal is met.

Technology Used:

A Wiki for maintaining an updated record of questions to ask for each category of call.

This now brings us to the next project of:

  1. Defining processes to keep the questions updated in the Wiki
  2. Assign owners for various department related questions
  3. Keep updating and recording trends in client call response quality.

This process will allow us to control the quality of calls and respond to the clients needs in a more efficient fashion.

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