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January 2, 2013
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June 3, 2007

I believe in explaining to the fullest as to the details of my Work Profile.

There have been quite a few instances when the other person tries to derive, what I do before I start explaining them just because they heard me talk a few items on “HIPAA”, “Privacy” and “Compliance”.

I guess it is the “Human Nature” to:

* Constantly prove that “To Err.. is Human” and;
* Draw conclusions from a few “Jargons” one hears

Most of the times by nature of my work, the people with whom I interact are proficient in their work domain. However when it comes to explaining them “Interoperability” and “Standardization” in respect to “HIPAA” or other such “Health Care” related arenas they pretend to know everything about it.

Realistically, how many of you actually understand “HIPAA”? How many of you actually understand everything that lies behind being completely interoperable? How many of you understand the importance of “Patient Data Consent”?

Once I start explaining them the real meaning of these terms, they then look at you in astonishment. Thus, making you realize that what one understands in “General Terms” on any topic, is not quite as likely to be the real meaning. There is a deep underlying meaning for almost everything that goes on in any particular aspect of life and to understand it completely, one needs to be ready to listen, comprehend and learn from his surroundings.

One needs to throw a deeper insight on the terms which on the first look quite “Generic”.

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