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January 2, 2013
January 2, 2013
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January 15, 2008

In my earlier post “Fighting against SPAM” I focussed on controlling SPAM from the external world. These (SPAM’s) were unsolicited emails often flooding a mailbox, email promotions or advertisements (and scams).

Recently in our company we started to encounter “Internal SPAM”.

Our organizational mailing list structure:

  1. We have mailing lists set up for each department (We have 23+ departments)
  2. We have a mailing list for each of our business location (We have 3 locations world wide)
  3. We have mailing lists for multiple enterprise clients (Approx 40+)

In our (Internal Mails) office there were two events that occurred everyday:

  1. Team member sending emails to Everyone.
  2. Team member replying back to “BOTH” the person who sent that email AND to Everyone.

This means we did not have a controlled mailing list. Anyone was allowed to send emails to a mailing list. (Even those who did not belong to the email domain).

This resulted into:

  1. Emails getting bombarded to everyone for a reply which is of concern only to a particular individual.
  2. Each individual receives this email which causes extensive use of the email and wastage of internet bandwidth.
  3. Each company employee spending almost 2 minutes of his time reading that email. Which results in a waste of almost 1200 minutes (2 minutes each * 600 employees).
  4. Means 20+ hours of time is spent [EVERY DAY] in reading an email which was not intended to be of any concern to the individuals receiving the email.
  5. On an average, we received at least 4+ such emails each day.

In an effort to prevent any further loss of man hours:

  1. We switched to “Mailman“, the GNU Mailing List Manager.
  2. We converted our mailing lists to be a controlled mailing list.
  3. A moderator was set to monitor the mails which could be sent to everyone and those which could not. We set a list of policies which our company had to abide by.
  4. We allowed only 2MB emails sent to the mailing lists. This way we do not clog the network.
  5. We started “Archiving” emails sent to the mailing lists.

All our 87 mailing lists are being managed effectively. We have saved our employees time and we have tried to reduce our email bandwidth consumption due to “Internal SPAM” by almost 90%.

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