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December 31, 2010

We all know that it is hard to grow up but as per my understanding it is even harder to grow up after you realize you have grown up. It hit me when I realized I was 28 in 2010; married for 3 years, had a steady job for 5 years; and I could never keep up with the passing time. Even today as I dictate this blog (using my Dragon NaturallySpeaking), I many a times wonder what have I done this year.

My goal in what I do is not that of a short-term but a long-term future plan that will help me, my family, and the community. When I ask myself “What have I done this year?”, I’m referring to things that have impacted me in ways that have improved my learning skills, my thought channel and those things that have impacted my family and my surroundings as a whole.

Superman once told “with more power comes more responsibilities”. I believe with time passing by and the continuous changes that come through it is not necessary that one would have more power but definitely your responsibilities would have increased.

Here, I am going to recap the events that have been impactful and memorable during the year (2010):


  1. I went to India after three years for my brothers wedding. This was by far the most meaningful visit to India I’ve had in my seven years of state in the United States of America. ( Read More: My visit to India – May 2010 ).
  2. I made a mistake. I’ve made a couple of mistakes, however this one strikes out the most. Just before my brothers wedding I had left my wife’s Visa expire. This was a pure case of carelessness by me. I should have been on top of such important matters like making sure the Visa is current and not expired. Due to this mistake of of mine we had to postpone my brother’s wedding by almost 2 and half to three months. Sorry.
  3. My parents visited us this summer and it was an enjoyable visit. It had been a long time since everyone from our family was together under one roof. It was the perfect time. My brother was married and his wife had arrived and was trying to settle down and learn our family culture. I have always said that parents and family guidelines are the most important things in the upbringing of a good family. ( Read More: Family Guidelines ).


  1. This year in 2010 during our premier national users conference which was held in Florida, I was voted MVE ( Most Valued Employee) in our company eClinicalWorks. I’m very proud of this. However, there is something more than being proud of, it is the sense of satisfaction that I received when others voted for me. They cared for me. Even my stay in Florida was made special (I have special dietary needs – Jainism).
  2. We redesigned our website – www.eliteral.com
  3. I’ve now learned to work smart ( not just work hard ).
  4. My product and industry knowledge has improved significantly for the healthcare domain.
  5. I presented on health care and patient privacy during one of the conferences.This was a good experience for me when I realized that my presentation skills are not as bad as I had had rated them. I even got a few laughs. (Read: Walking the dog by John L. Wright, MD.)


  1. Every evening after I am back from work, I take some time to read about things that are not related to my field of study or business. A simple reason for this is I believe personal development is very important in an individual’s life and I don’t believe that a persons life should be confined to work alone. I also gain a lot of satisfaction when I read poems. (Read: A Senior Anthology of Poetry – Macmillan Publication).
  2. Website Development: This year I launched 3 websites:
    1. www.dns.co.in – DNS Management & Tools Website
    2. www.pqr.in – URL Shortener
    3. www.newyearideas.com – New Year Ideas
  3. Community Development:
    1. Kojain.com – I’m redesigning and improving the website layout, navigation and user interface. I’m also providing our Kutchi community in North America an interface to search other members and help them collaborate using website. (Read More: http://www.kojain.com/NewsLetters/201012.pdf)

Here are my goals / resolutions for 2011 (KISS: Keeping it Short and Simple):

  1. Personal Life: Spend more time with the family and stay healthy.
  2. Website Development: I will be launching a couple of the websites during this year. (Announcements and Launches will be disclosed later)
  3. Speech Recognition: I will be using Dragon Naturally Speaking for most of my blog dictation and article writing.
  4. Jainism: I’ll be collaborating with others in the Jain Religion to develop a website on Jainism.
  5. Management & Life: I’ll be posting lessons learned in my day-to-day life on my blog for everyone to share.
  6. Backups: Try to encourage my friends and others to backup their data.
  7. Social Life: I will be more active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I make a ton of promises and/or resolutions like everyone else. I try to stick to them most of the times. But some times, I fall through the cracks and have known to loose focus on areas which I feel are too easy for me and I tend to be lazy to complete them.

Today, I know I am living a good life. But I’ll strive to make it more meaningful and try to enjoy every moment of life. Welcome 2011.

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