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2012: A year of goals setting and execution
January 2, 2013
Books with pictures help me learn faster
January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2012

Each year I take the last week off from work. This is mainly to get myself re-organized and re-charge myself. This year (2012) too, I have already applied for a vacation days for the last week of the year.

A few things that I did during the last 7 days:

  1. Re-organize our basement. Keeping things in order is not quite as easy as one thinks.
  2. Donate all old clothes/shoes and other items to Goodwill ( . Did you know you can get tax deduction benefit by donating to GoodWill?
  3. Me and my brother (Monil), we are moving towards eBooks and online reading. This year, We donate almost 50+ books to Worcester Public Library . I am a frequent visitor the the library. I like their services and activities that they promote. Their self-service book checkout system is one of the coolest I have seen. Just scan your library card, and bring your books near the kiosk. That’s it. You’ll receive a print out of the books that you just scanned. It takes hardly a few seconds to check out books at the library.
  4. I finished reading: Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple’s Steve Jobs . I like iPad’s Kindle app. It helps me highlight and add notes to the important text. Plus, I can sync it with my Kindle 4 PC app too.
  5. Our kids (Sara & Samaira) are more of an explorer these days. They like to crawl places without us knowing. So we installed Baby Gates and Electrical Socket Blockers. Safety is very important when it comes to kids in the house.

Spending time with the family was my number 1 goal during this time. However, I did keep myself partially busy in planning goals for 2012. These days I live for my family and work for my job :-) . I like this change.

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