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January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2013
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February 11, 2009

Here is a synopsys of Elizabeth Gilbert’s narration of “Creative Genius” in her 20 minutes speech @

A different way to think about Creative Genius – By Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth a very prominent book writer discusses the hidden secret behind her success which has connections with the ancient Greek & Roman civilizations.

  1. Best Seller. Now What? If you have succeeded at first, everyone expects you to be afraid of the work that you have previously accomplished. Will you be able to surpass the previous success?
  2. Creative people are sometimes mentally unstable with magnificient young minds
  3. Fear of Genius: Your best performance is behind you.
  4. Genius and Daemons: Greece believed creativity came from a divine spirit called “Daemon”. Romans believed a magical entity who would invisibly assist an artist and shape the work (called Genius).
  5. Being & Having Genius: Being a Genius is a mistake because it is too much responsibility for a single entity. Having Genius makes you have an imaginary spirit which helps you rub a fairy juice on your projects.
  6. Letting Genius Catch you: Don’t try to find Genius, let the Genius find you. Some ideas come to you from other uncontrolled impulses. Genius is some moment which could be called as “This is it”, “Time would stop”, “Everything would be aligned”, “You are light from within”, “Magic”, “Glimpse of God”. Open the portal of your life and let yourself into a totally different level where you have the most brilliant moments which would be wonderous.
  7. What are you to do for the rest of your life?: It is not always that the most extraordinary aspects of your life came from you. You have been loaned the extraordinary aspects of your being from an unimaginable source to be passed on. Share the knowledge.
  8. Do your job: Don’t be afraid. Don’t let anything change what you do and have the stubberness to keep showing up.


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