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January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2013
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December 20, 2009

Today (Dec 20, 2009) ends my week long vacation visit to Myrtle Beach, SC. Don’t get me wrong that people aren’t nice in other places. It’s just that I felt the hospitality and the warm welcome we (me and Avni) received was worth mentioning.

Every year I choose to visit a new place to spend my holidays with my family. This year, I had an opportunity to visit two places: Las Vegas, NV & Myrtle Beach, SC.

Being in Boston there is always a need to visit warm places during Winter times. Hence we choose Myrtle Beach, SC. The average weather temperature there during the month of December is 62 degrees Fahrenheit while in Boston the average temperature during December is 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are three things I like to do the most in my vacation:

  1. Be with my family;
  2. Visit new places and;
  3. Learn something new about the people, culture and the tradition.

There were many instances which touched my heart while at Myrtle Beach; however there was one instance particularly worth mentioning:

Taxi Fare:
While departing from our vacation resort (Sheraton Broadview), we were required to hire a cab/taxi to be dropped off to the Airport. Usually it takes about 20 bucks including tip for a one way ride from the hotel room to the Airport. The resort being large, the ride to main road (out side the resort) is around a minute to a minute and a half. This cab driver today was kind enough to start the fare (meter) only after we were outside the resort. When prompted to start the charges early, he mentioned that he has does not like to charge his clients with such mundane charges.

We visited many places including :
1. Beaches at Myrtle Beach
2. Charleston – The Historic Tour
3. Shopping: Broadway at the Beach; Market Commons
4. Entertainment Shows: Alabama Theatre, Carolina Opry
5. Ripleys Aquarium (Christmas Trees from all 50 states)
6. Resorts: Sheraton Broadview; Holiday Inn Vacation Club

Theory of Relativity while traveling:
Every time we are eager to visit a vacation spot and just want to get out of our homes and work places and we build up the energy and excitement for such adventures. However, during our return (mainly during a long flight journey) one is always wanting to “Reach Home” the earliest. I believe this is what is known as the Theory of Relativity.

It’s not that I like this instance just because I was not charged extra and that I saved money; I just feel that there are good people with a heart that choose to do the right thing even thought they are not obliged to.

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