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January 1, 2008

2007 was a very exciting year for me (at work and personally). My past teaches me how to live the present and how to deal with the future. With the new year (2008) commencing I have balanced my resolutions towards work, personal life and embracing “the green movement” by reducing my carbon footprints.

My resolutions for 2008:


  1. Implement a “Blog” for educating existing customers, prospects and the rest of the world the advancement in our company product and services; work culture; technologies used and our achievement.
  2. Educate our company members with the latest “Web 2.0” products which will increase their overall understanding of technology and its uses.
  3. Concentrate my efforts towards managing a mobile health record.
  4. Formulate appropriate guidelines to Manage the expectations of prospective and existing clients by time based management policies.
  5. Upgrade our network infrastructure to a better routed network to improve network latency.
  6. Move towards a controlled environment automated backup solution for our network documents.
  7. Educate myself on Six Sigma Techniques towards managing business.
  8. Understand and Practice Game Theory concepts at Work.


  1. Continue growing my Professional as well as Personal Network (Orkut ID:
  2. Take nature walks and try to exercise at least three times a week. (HillWalking)
  3. Continue with my (Petrology) study of rocks and geological sedimentations.
  4. Develop a website to promote Jainism.
  5. Update my personal website with information on my travel activities (places I have visited) and more photos in the Image Gallery.
  6. Gather knowledge on New Englands topographical layout.
  7. Learn historical facts about: Boston, Mumbai, London.

The Green Movement:

  1. Participate in “Plant a Tree” movement
  2. Reduce my Carbon Footprints

I look forward to a great 2008 with all my colleagues, my customers, and the industry.

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