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January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2013
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January 7, 2009

During my interview I have been asked about my weakness. My biggest weakness so far had been that I used to take care of the most difficult task first as it interests me a lot, but when it comes to the point of completing a project, I often lost focus because I felt it was a very easy task to complete.

With time comes experience and I have gathered myself in completing the task to the fullest and giving it a 110%.

Every time someone asks me, how much of an effort are you putting in a project. I say, I am giving my 110%. They are puzzled and ask my why not a 100%?

Everyone believes in completing a given task. They consider it Success! I believe in taking the completed task to the next level. This is success for me. And hence a 110%.

Many people have a hard time following up with unplanned events. Prioritization and Time Management are very important for me.

For any of my projects I observe the following rules of success:

  1. Always put in your 110%
  2. Understand the requirements of the project
  3. Plan every step of the project and consider the details
  4. Organize your thoughts frequently to keep yourself in focus
  5. Act as a consumer to build a better product
  6. Work in a team as Teamwork helps to succeed
  7. Manage your tasks by prioritizing them
  8. Take care of the difficult part first.
  9. Correct your mistakes by learning from your past
  10. Always find a way to quantitatively measure your success

Sometimes your biggest weakness can become your strength. Thus with innovative thoughts, communication and proper planning one can give their 110% and take things to the Next Level.

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