Branding and Positioning

In today’s congested markets, organization must create its unique identity to differentiate itself from its competitors. Companies can no longer seek satisfaction in just offering the best quality products as their competitors are offering the same quality standards to the same customers.

Branding and positioning strategies can help brands differentiate themselves from their competitors and build their brand equity. From the logo design of a company to influencing the perception of its customers, branding and positioning are very strategic decisions that can influence cost and lifetime customer value.

Collaborating for success

Branding and positioning are not just two marketing tactics to boost your sales overnight. These are long-term strategies to boost the reputation of your company and transform it into a brand. A brand that has an emotional connection with its customers, wins their loyalty to the extent that they will be willing to buy the brand’s product and services even after a significant increase in price.

Building a brand identity can be a very challenging and time consuming exercise if you do not take right approach. As your brand consultant, with many years of experience in building and managing successful brands, I will help you build an enviable brand.

Strategic branding and positioning consulting – My approach

Although branding and positioning are considered two distinct approaches to building a brand identity, I like to build a brand on the foundation of its distinct position.

  • Positioning

An important part of establishing a brand is to have solid positioning of your product. A position strategy can vary depending on what you have to offer to your customers. If you are introducing a new product into the market, which is not yet well understood, your product positioning will be about what your product can do. However, if you are offering a product that already exists in the market, your positioning should be around product differentiation. Irrespective of what “position” you would like your product to occupy in the minds of your consumers, my approach to establishing your brand position will comprise of 2 broad stages.

      1. Identifying your product USP that meets current demands of a specific market segment. Your USP should be able to differentiate you from your competitors in that it meets a popular customer demand that none of your competitors are able to meet or meet efficiently.
      2. Creating a positioning strategy to effectively reach out to your target customers with a conspicuous and engaging communication about your unique value proposition to them.
  • Branding

Branding is about creating a certain perception about your company that you will like your customers to have. A brand is known by all, which further reinforces the trust of its target customers. Brands cannot be built overnight because a perception can only be created when your customers strongly approve of your brand based on their experience with your product or service.

Branding is about promising an experience, which must be delivered through every opportunity to influence your customers, like product functionality, quality, pricing, availability, customer care and the promotional elements of your marketing mix. Hence, we must ensure that our branding objectives align with your business objectives.

I will take a simple yet effective approach to brand building, which will involve:

    1. With your help, I will first determine what your brand should stand for, the universal perception you would like to create.
    2. Once we have identified the brand image you would like to build, I will help you create and implement a branding strategy that will review every aspect of your brand, like your name, logo, communication, etc, to build the brand.

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