Business Communication

Business Communication

Business thrives on efficient communication amongst all stakeholders. Business communication can happen at any level and across borders. There are many available innovative Business Communication solutions that provide the tools to fully utilize a business network to improve operational efficiency. However, a business must take a strategic approach to deciding which tools to utilize for its specific requirements. It is also important to keep in our minds that technology should be used to facilitate communication and not to replace it. While it might be tempting to switch to an automated interactive system to communicate with customers, it is worth evaluating if keeping a personal touch can help retain customer loyalty.

Collaborating for success

I have been helping organizations in setting up integrated communication infrastructure that enables them to conduct business anywhere and anytime. The improved collaboration and flexibility ensures smooth operation that in-turn increases the overall productivity of an organization. I will help you create an excellent communication network that will enable you to proactively manage your business.

Business communication consulting – My approach

  • Assessment

Before making any recommendations, I will make an assessment of your organization’s communication requirements and the current tools used to support communication. It is important that you adopt a strategic approach to choosing the right communication channels and tools based on an evaluation of your specific needs. For e.g., if your employees, contractors, consultants and partners, are all based out of different geographical locations, you must have online communication and collaboration tools to connect them and with them in real time.

  • Strategy

Based on the findings from my assessment, I will help you understand your specific communication needs and create a strategic roadmap to implement a practical communication network that will add value to your business. The strategy document will contain recommendations for use of specific communication tools and techniques, which will improve your current process of information exchange.

  • Change management

Establishing a technology enabled communication network in an organization does not automatically ensure effective communication. The organization must undergo a culture change for successful implementation. I will help you efficiently manage this change in your organization.

  • Monitor and measure

Monitoring is an important part of strategy implementation and is also required to measure success. I will help you closely monitor your organization during implementation, to ensure that everything goes according to plan and necessary changes are incorporated along the way. Monitoring change in the culture will be over a long period, as it takes time for people to adapt to changes.

I will also help you measure your success against pre-defined (Key Performance Indicators) KPIs and your overall business performance.

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