Change management

Organizations must continuously evolve in order to succeed in today’s’ competitive markets. Change is inevitable but the pace and complexity of change faced by organizations today is making it difficult to adjust to change.

The ability of an organization to implement strategy faster with great adaptability gives it a significant competitive advantage in this fast paced world, where change is the only constant.

Collaborating for success

Since change management’s primary concern is people’s resistance to change, only a consultant with many years of experience in transformational programs in complex environments can effectively help you with your transition.

I have been helping small and large organizations and their people successfully adapt to organizational changes, for over a decade now. Whether you need to train your people in a new technology or integrate newly introduced processes into existing work habits or if you have any other change management requirement, I can help.

Change management consulting – My approach

My approach to change management consulting is not limited to helping you adapt to one particular change in your organization, but to help you build an agile organization in the process, so that you can deal with any change quickly and efficiently.

  • Assess the scope of your change requirement

I know that no matter what your change management requirements are, they are unique to your organization and hence I will sit with you to make an assessment of the following:

i. Your desired future state

ii. Affected population

iii. Readiness of your organization to accept and adapt to change

iv. Effectiveness of your change management team/process

v. Your change agents/leaders

vi. Organization culture

As we proceed with this assessment, we might discover many other areas to be explored to fully assess if your organization is ready to embark on the change process.

  • Planning the journey

I will create a roadmap to help your organization get to the desired future state and managing the progress along the way.

  • Preparing for the journey

I will guide you to build the skills and competencies, train the change catalysts, make adjustments in your processes and create effective communication channels and content to prepare you for the change. Though a good preparation will ensure fast and smooth transition to a large extent, we might still face few obstacles along the way. I will help you predict these obstacles, so that our preparation is complete.

  • Monitoring progress along the way

I will closely monitor the transition to ensure that all issues are immediately addressed.

  • Evaluating effectiveness

While it might take a long time for your organization to completely transit into the desired future state, it is still important to evaluate the change management implementation exercise to celebrate success and learn from the failures.


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