Everybody experiences life differently.⁣

This is why kindness and empathy are important.⁣

It’s Saturday today, supposedly a fun-filled day wherein kids and adults go out and enjoy the sun, go to the beach, cool down in the mall, or just about anything that entails you to go outside.

Today is another lockdown Saturday.😮

We’ve been cooped up in our houses for almost a couple of months now.

I know it’s boring and sometimes frustrating, but we want to be safe, so here we are, right?👌

There has been a lot of talk on the difference in coaching and mentoring.

I have even gotten questions about it when I do my mastermind and strategy calls.

So, to make life easier, I made this little cheat sheet for you to peek into when you get into that confusing moments on the differences between a coach and a mentor.

Not a big deal, actually, as both people help you out.🤷‍♂️

But if you want to be specific and be an expert, the first step is knowing the difference between the two.

After reading through this, tell me, what are you? A coach or a mentor?

Shoot your answers below!👇👇👇