Corporate IT

Corporate IT

Almost all businesses today are built on the foundation of a robust IT system. Organizations put a lot of effort into maintaining this foundation to ensure that they are on a solid footing. There are many companies offering a complete suite of IT solutions, but an organization must evaluate its IT requirements before implementing any IT solutions merely based on vendor recommendations. An organization should also periodically review its IT requirements and monitor technology advances to ensure that it is utilizing the best fit IT technology solutions that are without risks and effortlessly support its business.

Collaborating for success

Vendors providing IT solutions will understandably try to sell you all possible IT solutions, which won’t necessarily harm your business but will also not benefit you. An independent consultant, with extensive experience in Corporate IT consulting, can help you assess your IT requirements.

I have helped many small and large organizations in setting up IT systems specific to their needs. Since security risk is a big area of concern in IT systems, I will identify all possible IT security risks and mitigate them, so that your IT foundation provides a safe and sound support to add value to your business.

Corporate IT consulting – My approach

  • Assessment

A thorough assessment of your IT requirements will be my first step towards helping you build and/or maintain a robust IT infrastructure.

  • Recommendations

Once I have evaluated your specific IT requirements, I will make a list of recommendations of IT solutions, which will seamlessly support your business operations. My services will include:

    • Demoing new hardware and providing recommendations
    • Negotiating deals on hardware
    • Helping comply with Software Licensing (Microsoft Licensing)
    • Work with Security Team to help procure the correct security tools (firewalls, anti-virus, File Integrity Monitoring, Threat Management)
    • Reusing & Repurposing Hardware
    • Recycling old systems and helping the environment
    • Active Directory Integration
    • DNS Management
    • Work with Managed Email Services
    • Setup Web Collaboration Tools like Webex, GoToMeeting,

Once your IT system is in place, I will also help you in establishing your company’s IT policy to ensure that the IT system is optimally utilized and your company is protected from legal issues, security risks and unnecessary costs that may arise due to misutilization of IT resources.

I will highlight all areas of potential risks and devise a mitigation plan to control them.

  • Implementation and testing

I will be with you throughout and beyond the implementation stage to ensure successful implementation of the IT systems. I will work with your chosen vendor to test these systems for desired functionality and risks before they go live.

  • Monitor and measure

Successful execution of any substantial organizational change or intervention demands implementation of an effective monitoring system. I will help you establish a practical monitoring system, which will also help us measure success.

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