Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective and direct medium of marketing communication with your existing customers or potential clientele. Of the many marketing tools, email marketing provides a more personal approach to connect with people. You can create creative and conspicuous content for ads, business inquiries, regular updates, relevant information, invites, etc, to send through email.

  • How to make your email marketing campaign effective?

We are all familiar with the inapt email newsletters and annoying pitches that spams our inbox. There is a law called the CAN-SPAN act that levies huge financial penalties on violation of the rules laid out for commercial email. Ensure that you adopt the following best practices to run effective email campaigns.

      • Content is king – offer crisp creative content that is of interest to the recipients.
      • Permission based email marketing approach – people who have signed up for your newsletters or subscribed to your mailing list.
      • Do provide an easy option to “opt-out”.
      • Use a captive subject line – recipients often decides whether to open a mail, based on its subject. Ensure that your subject line is compelling.
      • Your email should offer something of value to engage the recipient.
      • Personalize your mails, where possible.
  • Choosing an Email Service Provide (ESP)

There are many ESP offering email marketing services. These ESP’s servers and internet connection handles your bulk mails, while giving you the control of your email marketing account to send out emails using a web browser interface. Your regular ISP is not set up for and sometimes even prohibits bulk mailings. Below is a list of the main criteria to consider while selecting an ESP.

      • A private IP address
      • Ensure that your chosen ESP has a robust infrastructure to efficiently handle bulk mails.
      • Has made it easy for you to comply with CAN SPAM Act.
      • List segmentation – to make it easier for you to send relevant content to target groups.
      • Provide the functionality to test different versions of your mail, through A/B testing, for effectiveness.
      • Prompt customer support and training
      • Reporting – delivery success rates, email open-rates, click-through rates, etc.
      • Free trial
      • No long term contracts
      • Pricing – most ESPs charge a monthly fee that varies depending on actual number of mails sent or a maximum number of mails sent in a month. Ensure that you chose a price plan that best meets your requirement.

If you are looking for professional advice on how to run an effective email marketing campaign and /or which ESP to choose, I can help.

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