How Do You Narrow Down Your Coaching Niche?

Have you ever felt frustrated about the growth of your business and felt unsure about how to get new clients?

You should definitely niche-down because a niche goes hand in hand with success.

Yes, especially if you think you already are on the right track but seem to be getting there a bit slow.

Or, if you are still confused as to where the heck to pick things up from. 😊

Most coaches I have spoken to say the same thing: they have the fear of missing out.

But little do they know that if you cultivate the fear of not getting hired by anyone, then your business won’t grow, and your clients will stay the same round number it always was.

So, why have a coaching niche?

Coaching niches are a combination of your target market and the result you help your clients to achieve.

You need this because:

βœ… Your clients get better and faster results easier

βœ… Your marketing becomes more effective and easier to implement

βœ… It allows you to create programs in your area of expertise so you can leverage your time, help more people, and earn multiple streams of income

βœ… With a clear niche, it’s much easier to attract valuable strategic alliance partners

βœ… Because clients value and pay for expertise, experience, and perspective, you can charge and receive higher fees.

When you attempt to attract everyone to your business, your message is lost, and you attract no one.

First things first, do we want a broad niche or a narrow niche?

The answer is it depends.

It depends on:

  • What your coaching niche is?

  • How it is working for you?

  • How long have you been in the business?

  • Your background and experience.

  • The kind of marketing you enjoy the most.

I know of some people that actually chose the narrow path, and then there are some who benefited more on the broader path, so I believe it works both ways.

It’s just that niching down is more effective somehow.

Maybe because focusing on a certain type of client to get a specific result helps you develop expertise in that area; hence you get good at getting the desired result for that niche.

So, let’s say you decided to narrow down your niche, where do you start?

Here is the 10-step Niche-Down Process that I have learned along the way:

  1. Use a mind-map.

  2. Identify your ideal client.

  3. Survey your clients and gather their needs, problems, and goals.

  4. Identify your unique strengths, gifts and talents – and your weaknesses.

  5. Identify your clients’ common specific needs.

  6. Decide what your clients really need from you.

  7. Categorize the common problems your ideal clients identified.

  8. Hire a personal coach or join a mastermind group.

  9. Be willing to fail forward and put in the work.

  10. Repeat steps 1-9 again. This narrows down your client list even more.

There’s a ton of competition out there, and it can be a challenge to stand out with limited resources.

Targeting a niche gets you in front of people who are ready to invest in solving a problem they have.

Having a specific coaching category or area of expertise makes it easier to describe what you do.

There are a lot of coaches out there, but there is definitely just one YOU.

Make yourself distinct from everyone else by knowing who your target is and what you can do to help them out.

Get laser-focused. Eyes on the prize. 😊

Niches have Riches. Agree?