Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the internet wasn’t there?

Could you able to read this content?

Would you even know me?

Internet has so many benefits, but connecting with people is my favourite amongst all.

‘Personal’ Branding.

As you see, I’ve quoted personal word. Because it’s about you, I, and we.

It’s about human to human interaction.

I have been giving you insights about personal branding, and today is no different.

Coming back to my ‘Internet’ thought, today I am going to tell you how the use of Internet can play a significant role in your personal branding journey.

So here I go –

Have you ever heard about blogging?

I bet, many of you know it.

Now tell me, have you ever tried it?



What if I tell you that blogging can make you a personal brand.

Yes, that’s correct.

A single domain, hosting (space on Internet), and a website can change your life. It has already changed millions.

Let me tell you how –

1) Blogging improves writing: Nobody is a born writer. Even most of the successful writers admit that they improved their writing by practising a lot. When you start a blog and write on various topics, you unknowingly improve your writing. Improved writing can help you to express better. Expressing better can help you to land the business and job opportunities.

Thought leadership: When you write consistently, people start noticing you. They will unlikely to miss your blogs. Gradually you can be a thought leader in your industry. Your email subscribers will be nothing less than your fans. Also, your readers may share your blog with their friends, consequently more reach.

Networking: You can write as a guest blogger on someone else’s blog. For this purpose, you need to reach out to that person via convincing pitch email. Such collaborations work big time in the long run.

Passive source of income: Once you start getting traffic to your blog, you can start affiliate marketing. Also, you can sign up to the Google Adsense program. This way, you can generate passive income. Later, you can teach people about how to earn passive income via a blog. It is optional, though.

Portfolio: If you are looking for a job, your blog can work as your portfolio. You can showcase your knowledge without saying anything. Your blog will speak for itself.

Now tell me, after reading this, will you start a blog?

If you have already, it’s fantastic.

If not, when?