How to Network Like a Pro

I know a guy named Mike who is a 22 years old digital marketer.

He started his digital marketing career 2 years ago.

Mike began with a course, followed by an internship, and later a job.

6 months ago he left his full-time job and started his own digital marketing agency.

Where many people of his age are either pursuing a college degree or giving a job interview, this young lad started his agency.

When I asked him in person that how did he manage to do it so early?

He replied, “ networking”.

Guys, networking is so powerful. You can achieve anything by doing hard work. But networking abilities simply accelerates the process. “ Networking means interacting with people to exchange the information, and keep developing the professional relationship over the period of time”.

No matter whether you are looking for a job or clients for your business, networking will make your process easier.

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to network like a pro.

1) Attend networking events from the city and talk to new people. Let them know what you do. Listen to them. Show interest, and exchange contact information.

2) Build genuine relationships with the people you meet. Once in a while, give a call or message them.

3) Always be helpful. Don’t just make new connections. Your priority should be nurturing the relationship. For example, if someone from your network is looking for a candidate to work in his/her company, do recommend if you know anyone. These little steps matter a lot.

4) Use Social Media to make connections. Join relevant Facebook groups. Interact with people. LinkedIn also works like a charm. It’s the most professional platform present today. Engage with people’s posts, do appreciate their success.

5) You can also build your own Facebook or LinkedIn group. Provide a platform to people where they can network with each other. The best thing? You will have access to all.

According to, 85% of positions are filled through networking.

Who won’t like to –

Get fresh ideas

Advance career

Get access to job opportunities

Get confidence

Business opportunities

Networking helps you with all the above points.

So when are you going to start networking?