Telecommunication industry

Our marketing efforts will help create a strong relationship between your company and your consumers through advertising in different media platforms, online and written. Short commercials will be showed in some social media networks that most people use. Printed ads in newspapers and magazines can also attract customers. Such advertisements will cater consumer benefits that will encourage them to avail such products and services. We want to show them that they gain more when purchasing our products and services. Promos and packages easily attract customers therefore we will find a best way to give all the benefits they want to reap while earning and still become competitive in the industry. We will continue to track how consumers are reacting to advertisements in each media platform and will create immediate action if necessary. Holding events may also be a helpful marketing strategy. These events, which may be about anything that is trending or is of interest of most users, may encourage them to avail more products and services to the extent that they get what is at stake. We will make sure to measure the progress of each marketing strategy, its effects on your sales and on your current standing in the industry.

Agriculture industry

Our team will be hands on throughout the process, starting from planning what is the best approach for your company according to your current situation in the industry, troubleshooting some problems that needs to be addressed and seek for more opportunities for the company’s products to be accepted and widely consumed by customers. We will help your company become top in your industry by helping you create a mission and advocacy that will capture the market’s attention. With our lead generation team, we will find which market your products will be best accepted in. As for your current position in the market, we will generate new marketing strategies that will help increase your product sales and demand for your product. To further give media presence for your brand, advertisements will be created. If needed, social media platforms will be used to let people be updated on the how things work in your business. An example is how and where you get your materials or resources in creating your product. We will also see if what we can do to let your consumers avail your product in a way that is convenient as possible for both parties. We will make sure that your name and your products are able to reach your target market.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our team will make sure that your company will help in making your brand stand out by creating quality content and reviews about your products. This is to let people know why they should choose your products. Infographics will be placed in the company’s website to guide customers on what products to buy for a specific purpose, which ones can be purchased with a doctor’s prescription and which can be bought over the counter, etc., to gain consumer’s trust and for their own convenience. Another alternative strategy that our marketing team will do to increase the company’s number of customers is by the referral marketing. Through this, we will be able to connect with a wider range of market through your current satisfied clients and customers. This will help in spreading the trust that your customers have in your company and that other people should trust you too. With our lead generation, we can expand your products to a broader variety that will make your company more preferred by consumers than other companies. As you continue to create more products, we will continue to create relationships with your prospective consumers and we will also adjust the strategy according to the current trends.

Food Industry

Most people right now are using social media and are interested in food. Putting up social media accounts for your business will be one step towards putting you as authority in your industry. This is because it will be easily accessible by potential customers. A study by Fathelrahman and Basarir (2018), showed that people on social media influence each other on food choices and purchases. With this findings, our marketing team will be able to make connections with micro-influencers who could try your products and endorse them in their social media platform. Aside from that, we will manage all of these social media accounts and will make sure that your customers will be able to see that you can offer them best quality food in a relatively competitive price. Advertisements on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be put up and are going to be updated once in a while to give a new touch. Further marketing strategy changes will be done according to the business’ situation after putting up the advertisements. Different marketing strategies will be done throughout the process as we aim for your business to become authority in your industry.

Transport Industry

For this kind of industry we will have to focus on SEO and social media advertising so that people will be able to be updated of your company’s services. Search engine optimization is one competitive way that we can help lift up your company’s attractiveness. Many people right now who are into travelling mostly go through search engines on possible transportation when going to place they want to go. In order to get their interest, our team who engage in SEO marketing will do their best in making your page most relevant to users in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Advertisements will be put up in different social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to increase your business’ presence and customer awareness. When everything has been set up, we will not leave the rest to you. We will constantly keep track of the ads we have put up, if such social media users have given interests in our ads. After making assessments, we will plan what is the next thing to do best to be able to market your business. This will go on until we have reached our goal which is to make you the top in your industry.

Hospitality Industry

For all industries, a good marketing strategy is important. For hospitality industry, building up customer loyalty is really important so we, as marketers, are devoting a lot of our efforts in building brand awareness and making ongoing, interrelated campaigns. Most of the time we would use print and digital marketing to target previous guests and new customers. In the hospital industry, you sell your services, and success comes from making the right “feeling” in the customer. Also, consistent brand identity is really important in the hospitality industry because it is almost always made up of tourism and experiential services. We want to make sure that brand recognition would happen for the customers to use your services repeatedly. Customers who use your services again and again gives the industry a great revenue so we would divide the focus of our marketing efforts in maintaining good relationship with former customers and looking for new customers. The strategies we commonly use are focused on branding. We usually do research to know why customers use a specific hospitality service, ensure brand awareness by having a strong online presence, promotions at slow seasons, and nurture relationships with previous customers.


Most of those under healthcare industries are starting to see the importance in marketing. Providing healthcare services has become a competitive market because most patients are now doing research to look for the best healthcare providers. It is important for medical practitioners to market themselves and their practice so that their patients and new patients will have a positive view of them. This way patients will keep coming back to avail your services and you can also attract new patients. Healthcare practice is not just a practice but also a business so marketing is needed to earn revenue and profit. Digital marketing is the most common type of marketing used in healthcare industry. Making your own website where people can find informative contents is really good so you need to always update it with latest information about your clinic and practice. You can also create a page where your patients can schedule appointments online. It is also important for branding because you can build your reputation and nurture relationships with your current and new patients. Remember that a good marketing plan shows that your patients’ health comes first before anything else.


Marketing is also really important to the insurance industry because it is utilized to increase sales. For bigger companies, marketing is also used to keep their marketplace positions and for smaller companies, it is used for building and growing their business and to compete against other companies. In this industry, marketing efforts are used to target customers and potential customers to use insurance for their home, health, life and commercial coverage. There are a lot of marketing strategies used for this industry but to name a few, the first one is going grassroots in the community. Small insurance companies can do workshops where they can show the danger of driving while intoxicated in local communities or schools. You can also start by partnering up and nurturing relationships with other agencies so they can refer clients to you. Digital marketing is really useful these day so you might use it to target specific customers especially with the use of social media. You might also need to nurture your leads to keep them from looking for another insurance company. You can email your leads with updates about your company, your new promotions, e-Books, etc.

Construction Industry

Like other industries, construction industry also needs a marketing plan. Unlike before, most people right now are seeking construction services through the internet so they could get more information that’s why it’s important to create a plan on how to build a strong online presence and to stand out against competition. To make a marketing strategy, you have to find out your business goals and do a SWOT analysis. Then you can start thinking of marketing tactics that’s effective for your business or change the tactics that’s not generating revenues for your company. You might also like to try using digital marketing strategies because they are quite effective now because most people have access to the internet. It would help your company to generate more leads if you optimize your website and post content. Email marketing can also be good for your business because it can nurture your relationship with your leads. It will also help you keep your relationship with past customers and find more potential customers. When you successfully launched your marketing campaigns, you have to measure their effectiveness and to check the activities of your website’s visitors by using analyzing tools such as Google Analytics or Hootsuite.

Financial Industry

Marketing is also important for financial industry because they need a strategy to reach out their targeted audience and for them to be found by people seeking their services. Digital marketing is highly recommended to be used because this can be used to stand out in this greatly competitive industry. Furthermore, people need real time information about the fluctuating money, stocks, exchange rates, etc. If you’re company would be able to provide this data, you’re one step ahead of your competitors because you showed good customer service. Financial industry are almost always depicted as something bad so it would really helpful for their image if they make an effort in giving the best customer care to current customers and prospects. You can also optimized your SEO to generate leads from search engines and it will make it easier for them to find your contents from your website. Almost all adults in the US are using email that’s why you can take this opportunity to use email marketing. You can send valuable information about finances and provide details on how you can help your customers with their financial situation. You can also promote your products and services in social media because a lot people are present in social media platforms. You can integrate all the marketing strategies method above and find out the most effective campaign for your business.

Manufacturing Industry

This industry tries to sell their products and services to other companies so it needs a good marketing strategy to reach its goals. It is time to up your game with marketing because traditional marketing might not be enough to get more profit and revenue. People are now tech savvy so most of the time they would use the internet to research before making a decision to buy a specific product or services from a company. Raising brand awareness is essential because you need to compete with a lot of other companies. For this industry to prosper and to get broader audience reach they need to work on creating an effective marketing strategy. With this day and age, it also important for this industry to use social media or content marketing. By using social media, you can post contents that will reach a large audience. This strategy might be able to help you with cultivating your authority in the industry and making your customers more loyal to you. Optimizing your website might also help you become an industry leader. Also, it is helpful to check the effectivity of your strategy so change can be done immediately if it is not helping you reach your goals.

Energy and Utilities Industry

The energy and utilities industry are now trying to change their traditional way of marketing like using “call centers.” They are adapting to the changes in technology in reaching their clients. They are now trying to incorporate the usage of chatbots, personal assistants, and programmatic advertising in their marketing and communication strategies to provide good customer service online. They need to keep up with changes in the industry and be above of their competitors. Most companies in this industry are rebranding because of the changes of customer behavior. Most of the customers are now conscious of the damages that happens because of overconsumption so they’re now seeking ways to reduce their consumption. Because of this, energy and utilities are now trying to show that they can help customers finding how to save energy. A survey showed that the 80% of the respondents thought that energy suppliers are vital in helping them make better choices in buying energy-efficient appliances. It is important to create a marketing strategy that will get this message to the targeted audience. They should consider using digital marketing such as using social media, SEO, PPC ads, etc. because of increasing number of people using online platforms to seek help and information.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive, competition is really tough and there are external factors that affect customers’ decision to purchase. Marketing will surely help with winning against the competition and with dealing with the external factors. This industry’s customer path to purchase is longer compared to household purchase so it’s essential to create a plan in dealing with each path the customer takes to purchase the products. The right mix of short-term, sales-focused on messaging and long term, brand-dedicated marketing is needed to make the customers happy and make them eventually buy the products. Incentive programs for the customers and dealers should also be carefully looked into and planned because they constantly change. Before customers buy the product, they would always check online for the company’s information and reviews of their products that’s why digital marketing such as SEO and social media is needed to increase sales and generate leads. You need to optimize your website to have a user-friendly design so the customers’ attention will be captured and so they would stay and browse through your website. Use social media to post pictures of your sales people and showroom and pictures of latest cars so you can make an impression that you’re friendly and reachable.

Banking Industry

Marketing is essential to every business because it is used to ensure that the customers are happy for getting their needs and wants and it would help companies survive in the hard market. Now, banks are getting higher profits from providing services beyond selling money. These services could be giving loans, savings accounts, mortgage, etc. The marketing efforts could be focus on telling your customers that these services are easy, fast, safe, and secured when they avail them. Prices like expenses, interests, and commissions should be carefully determined because mistakes can immediately make your customers look for another bank that gives the same services. One of the marketing strategies that banks should practice is to have a good customer service that handles customer complaints really well. Advertising is also important to let the people know about the services the bank offers and campaigns should be tailored to appeal to the target audience. Also, a good advertising campaign will make you stand out against your rival companies that offers the same services.

Educational Industry

Educational sector should also invest in marketing efforts because there are a lot of competition. There are a lot of factors involve when would-be college students make a decision in choosing their schools. They would consider the location, the courses offered, experiences, and the institution itself. Each school should create a marketing strategy that would highlight the advantages that new students can get that they wouldn’t get from other schools. Strong online presence is needed for most students are now tech savvy. Schools should have an effective social media marketing strategies such as having trendy and cool interactive page on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Website optimization is also important so when they search for keywords related to your website, you will be the found easily because you will rank higher in the results page. Schools might also need to build their credibility by getting testimonials from their alumni about their experiences and thoughts about the school. Another tactic is to post a yearly e-book so this could be shared in a larger audience. These are just some ways marketing can help schools get more students, as well as teachers and higher profits and revenue.