Knowledge Management

Harness the power of knowledge – Creating knowledge sharing culture

The knowledge within an organization is its intangible asset that helps create significant value for its business. As management guru Peter F Drucker has rightly said, “Today knowledge has power; it controls access to opportunity and advancement“. An organization that has adopted today’s knowledge economy and is utilizing the wealth of knowledge present within, has built a major competitive advantage.

Collaborating for success

Knowledge management is not content management, which is primarily document storage. Knowledge management embodies the collective experience, expertise, competencies and know-how of the human resources in an organization. Hence, knowledge management should be a strategic decision to cultivate and tap into this wealth of knowledge.

I have helped many organizations in transforming their human capital into intellectual capital. If you need professional help in creating and implementing a knowledge management strategy, I can help. I will help you establish a dynamic knowledge sharing culture that is sustainable and brings value to your organization.

Knowledge Management Consulting – My approach

  • Ascertaining the knowledge within your organization

Before we can establish a knowledge sharing culture, we have to identify the data, information and knowledge that are worth sharing. To begin with, I will evaluate the existing level of maturity of Knowledge Management approach and standards. Knowledge definitely exists within an organization but identifying the knowledge that can be your organization’s intangible assets requires insightful research.

  • Identifying and eliminating obstacles

Unless you remove the barriers to knowledge creation and sharing, you cannot truly establish a knowledge sharing culture. After working for many years with different organizations, I have found that these obstacles vary between organizations. Whether it’s your confidentiality regulations or inability to think long-term or lack of appropriate knowledge tools and knowledge sharing drivers, I can help you identify and eliminate these barriers to make your organization’s knowledge sharing model more efficient and complete.

  • Helping you reap benefits

Once we have established the knowledge and removed the barriers, I will help you create a long-term strategic plan to sustain knowledge sharing culture within your organization and provide guidelines to best utilize and promote the knowledge for collective benefit.

  • Change management

Knowledge management and sharing requires contribution of every employee within an organization as they are both creators and consumers of this knowledge. Unless knowledge sharing is already practiced within your organization, you will have to encourage fundamental behavioral change. I will provide the expertise to help you transform your communication culture into a collaborative culture, where everyone contributes to and benefits from the knowledge pool.

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