Lead Generation

Looking for more business – Grow your clientele base

Business development is probably the most important concern of a business, irrespective of its size. Lead generation is the very first step in business development and unless an organization uses strategy to generate quality leads, lead generation can be a frustrating experience and may not give desired result. Although advent of new media has made it easy to get hold of contact details of businesses and even individuals, sending bulk marketing mails is not an effective tactic. A well-researched lead generation plan can ensure plenty of lucrative opportunities in an organization’s sales pipeline.

Collaborating for success

So you have meticulously established a successful business and built the infrastructure to grow, but have you planned a strategy to generate more business? Whether you are a known brand or a new player in the market, if you are looking for professional help to grow your clientele, I can help you. In addition to tapping into my diverse personal network, which I have built through years of professional relationship, I will also utilize new media to help you take a smart approach to find relevant leads in a short span of time. I will create targeted online marketing campaigns and strategically place them in front of those looking for products and services similar to what you offer, thus reversing the process by bringing your prospective customers to you.

Lead generation – My approach

  • Understanding your business model, products and/or services and competition

To be able to find the right leads for your business, it is imperative that I understand your business and your offered products/services and the market you compete in. If you already have an in-house or outsourced marketing and sales team, I will work closely with them to evaluate your current lead generation and business development strategy to ensure that they are pursuing the right leads and using effective medium and communication to influence them.

  • Creating a strategic road-map to generate quality leads for your sales pipeline

A strategy is important to lead our lead generation efforts in the right direction and so that you stand out amongst your competitors who are likely to be pursuing the same leads. I will help you create a plan that will lay down every step in detail

    • Identifying leads
    • Grabbing attention (direct approach, traditional advertising, digital marketing, etc)
    • Marketing communication content

Being a master of new media, I will be primarily utilizing digital medium for all activities towards lead generation.

  • From lead generation to lead conversion

Where I see a requirement, I will stay with a client all the way to sales closing.

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