Organizational Development

Enhancing effectiveness – Organization Development (OD)

Although believed to be an extension of Human Resource division, Organizational Development is an entire function in itself that is concerned with all-round development within an organization to increase its efficiency. OD practitioners can help organizations enhance their performance and individual development of their people using inclusive approach and practices for strategic planning, developing leaders, change management, organization design, employees’ performance management, promoting diversity and offering work/life balance to their employees.

Collaborating for success

Being an experienced OD practitioner, I can help you evaluate your OD requirements and deliver a sustainable performance enhancement OD model. Build on the foundation of behavioral and social sciences, OD requires a humanistic approach to bring about positive organizational change. Hence, support and collaboration from your people will be essential for successful OD intervention.

Organizational Development – My approach

  • Preliminary assessment

I will begin with an initial assessment of the problems and issues in your organization and collaborate with the key members of your organization to resolve them. Being an external consultant with limited knowledge about your business, I will also utilize this phase to understand your organization.

  • Diagnosis

Following initial assessment, I will dig deeper into the problems, their causes and identify the critical areas of OD intervention. I will be collecting and analyzing a lot of data at this stage. However, this stage is not just about data gathering and will involve stakeholders, who will have to evaluate their current reality and think about the solutions with me.

  • OD intervention

Since OD treats an organization as a complex system with many sub-systems, I will be have to make a holistic OD intervention into performance evaluation and management, strategy formulation, change management, mentoring, leadership development, organizational design, HR processes, sales effectiveness and your relation with customers.

  • Evaluation

I will help you evaluate the successful outcome of my OD intervention against predefined measurable performance metrics. The evaluation will typically determine the boost in ROI and the positive change in the work culture and whether we have been successful in establishing sustainable organizational performance.

  • Entwining the changes into the organization’s culture

Since OD will introduce significant changes to your organization, it is essential to monitor and reinforce the planned changes until they become part of your organization’s culture. While there will be visible changes immediately after my OD intervention, the major organizational changes may take years to stabilize. If required, I will be available during this time to ensure smooth transition.

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