Personal Branding Series

Part 4

8 am. 

That winter morning, I was sitting in my office with Paul.

Paul is my friend as well as a working professional who wants to build a personal brand. 

With coffee in our hands, we started a discussion. 

Tell me, Paul, what happened? 

Paul told me, “ Nainil, for the last 2 months, I am trying to build my personal brand. But there is no significant improvement till now. I am losing motivation.”

After an hour discussing with him, I understood what mistakes he was making. I explained to him what he was doing wrong.

In this blog, I am going to mention the mistakes Paul was making, which may be helpful to everyone who wants to build a personal brand. 

  • Having no purpose:

Why do you want to build a personal brand? There are already so many. How will you differentiate yourself? What are your strengths? Find answers to all these questions, because, without purpose and clear value proposition, you are not going anywhere.

  •  Inconsistency:

Personal branding is not a joke. It requires discipline. You have to be consistent with your efforts and content. When everyone is trying to build a personal brand, if you remain inconsistent, people will forget you. Consistency works as a compound effect, hence make sure to prepare a solid plan/schedule and strictly stick to it.

  •  Poor temperament:

There will be negativity around you. There will be trolls. But you need to maintain composure. Remember, you are aiming to become a BRAND. Normal people might not get affected by mood swings, but as a personal brand, you can’t behave as you want. Yes, one should be authentic and original. But it doesn’t mean you should also become a part of the negative crowd.

  •  Lack of authenticity:

Many people copy someone else’s original content to get engagement. I have personally experienced it on LinkedIn. But let me tell you, the audience is smart. If you copy and they caught you, you are unlikely to gain trust again. Hence, be authentic. Be original.

  •  Not knowing who is target audience:

If everyone is your audience, nobody is your audience. Find a segment that you want to cater to and put all your efforts towards that direction.

 Building a personal brand is a time consuming process. Don’t spoil the journey by committing such mistakes.