Personal Branding Series

Part 1

Why do people follow people on Social Media over Brands?

After 3 hours of intense meetings, 8 hours of productive work, finally, I signed off.

I opened Facebook and started scrolling.

I remember, I saw ten posts in a row.

Three were from my friends. Seven were from brands’ pages promoting their products.

Really? Is this the reason I use Social Media? I got annoyed by that.

And that’s obvious, no? What do you expect after 11 hours of intense work?

Entertainment and edutainment, right?

Thankfully, the next post I saw was from one of the personal brands I follow.

He had posted a valuable video which I watched till the end.

Later, I took dinner and went to bed.

I have a good habit of remembering all the activities I did throughout the day to keep track of what I am doing and where should I focus more.

I closed my eyes, remembered the activities I did and at last stopped at my Social Media scrolling.

And my thought process had begun –

Why did I prefer watching video from a personal brand over companies?

I thought for minutes and here’s the answer I got which I think you all will agree.

The primary purpose of any social media platform is to connect with people, making friends, interacting with them, sharing your life activities, interacting with your friend’s photos, statuses etc.


People use Social Media to connect with a human. They do not like to see promotional ads from brands. But when I say this, it doesn’t mean brands should not use social media to promote their brand. Of course, they should. But, that’s an interruption marketing. People are not expecting that.


People prefer people because it is human to human interaction, unlike brands’ pages. Yes, some brands use human face sometimes, for example, their CEO addressing the audience. But this is seldom done!


Trust factor. Psychologically people prefer to trust human more than brand even though brands are run by human only.

You are reading my post right now. Tell me honestly, doesn’t it feel like I am talking to you directly?

That’s the point.

That’s the reason people follow people over brands on Social Media.

Would you like to add more points to it?

Do comment below.