Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Procurement is an integral part of a business as it impacts performance and in most cases, even business continuity. A streamlined procurement process meets a purchaser’s requirements in terms of quality, quantity, deadline, location and cost.

Supply chain management is an even more complex function as it governs the physical flows and information flows amongst the many entities that make up the supply chain. It includes everything from product development, sourcing, production, logistics, to managing Information systems needed to coordinate and manage these activities.

Efficient procurement and supply chain management can maximize customer value and create a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization.

Collaborating for success

Procurement and supply chain management can be challenging due to the complexities in coordinating and managing various people and processes involved.

I can help you derive value from your supply chain and procurement processes, so that you can direct your focus on developing and delivering products and services that exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Procurement and supply chain management consulting – My approach

  • Evaluation

I will begin with an assessment of your current procurement and supply chain processes, spends and performance to determine whether you have adopted the best practices in-line with your specific requirements.

  • Strategy

Based on the learning from the assessment, I will create a long-term strategy to help you achieve sustainable improvements in performance, with special emphasis on improving areas that are not performing and might even put you at risk. Broadly, the strategy document will make recommendations in the following areas:

    • Contract management
    • Cost reduction
    • Sourcing
    • Spend management
    • Compliance
    • System management
    • Technology requirements
    • Outsourcing requirements
    • Risk mitigation
  • Supplier performance review to optimize your supplier base

It is important to monitor supplier performance to ensure that desired performance level is maintained. Before awarding a contract, the primary factors to be considered are supplier reputation, cost effectiveness and responsiveness. After awarding the contract, your primary areas of monitoring should be quality and delivery. I can help you monitor and evaluate performance of your current suppliers and recommend ways to enhance supplier commitment.

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Although you have a legal contract with your suppliers, it is important to develop your relationship beyond the terms of a contract, so that your suppliers are responsive. There are many effective collaborative software available to support SRM. However, a personal approach and effective communication are more important in ensuring supplier loyalty. I can help you take a strategic approach to establishing a durable relationship with your suppliers.