Product Management

Product Management – The link between the client & development

Organizations are increasingly finding it challenging to meet both the growing demands of their customers from their products and services, and their business objectives in a competitive market. When sales of a product begins to slowly decline, a typical management response is to invest more in marketing efforts without really trying to analyze the actual underlying reasons. Product management could be the real solution, which provides a comprehensive approach to defining, developing, deploying, maintaining and marketing a product, to make it a big hit in the market. Efficient product management can transform the faith of a product.

Collaborating for success

Product management is a very specialized area and hence good product managers have years of extensive experience in managing life cycle of various products. I have helped many big and small brands in all areas of product management and made their products their brand identity. From product identification, planning and development to product marketing, I can efficiently manage the entire life cycle of your product, so that you gain a significant increase in your market share and thus your sales revenues.

Product Management – My approach

  • Research

Whether it is for a new product development or to explore areas for improvement of an existing product, my very first step is research. I will conduct a thorough research of your product/product history/product idea, its market, target customers and their expectations.

  • Strategy

Once enough information is available for decision making, I will create a strategic roadmap to provide direction towards achieving our set objectives. The core elements of the product strategy document are:

    • Value identification
    • Innovation
    • Product positioning /differentiation
    • Product pricing
    • Product distribution
  • Planning

Once we know what we have to achieve, I will create a detail plan that will be our deliverables roadmap. The plan will clearly define our tactics, timelines, milestones, checkpoints and help us in road-mapping.

  • Marketing

Marketing your product, both pre and post launch, is crucial for product success. Whether you are re-launching an old product with enhancements or launching a brand new product, you must make your target customers aware of your product. However, in a competitive market with several alternatives of your product available to your target customers, you will have to get creative and aggressive with your marketing to make your product stand out. I will work with your marketing team to create a winning marketing strategy for your product.

  • Measure and monitor

Once the product is out in the market, I will monitor and evaluate the response from consumers to measure success and identify and prioritize the next activities.

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