Search Engine Optimization

Due to its widespread popularity, internet has also become a fiercely competitive marketplace. 90% of the millions of people, who search for information online, click on the results shown on the first page of SERP. Thus, if you aim to draw value from your online presence, your website must rank high in search engines.

SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides on-site, off-site and advanced techniques to increase a website’s ranking on search engines.

On-page techniques

  • Creating XML sitemaps for search engines
  • Page interlinking
  • Technical optimization
  • Optimizing title and meta tags
  • Optimizing content – succinct content rich in relevant keywords
  • Use of static URLs and URLs optimized for search engines
  • Speed

Off-page techniques

  • Linkbuilding (includes everything – article syndication, profile creation, blogging, social bookmarking, social mentions, infographics, multimedia, re-tweets, re-shares, Press Releases, premium links, etc)
  • Optimizing anchor texts

Advanced techniques

  • Pagination
  • Structured data
  • Navigation
  • Social media optimization

Remember that search engines give equal emphasis to both the volume of traffic to your website and the average time spent by visitors on your site.

  • How search engines rank websites

Search engines rank websites based on algorithms. The algorithm essentially runs a search for relevant content based on the searched for keywords. Since there are bound to be many pages with relevant content, algorithm considers the popularity of content based on different parameters:

      • Keyword density
      • Relevant content
      • Quality of traffic
      • Links from quality sites

It is worth noting that search engine algorithms only indexes texts. Hence if you must use images, etc to enrich your user experience, ensure that you put relevant description in text. Also, avoid using flash programs as the content cannot be indexed by search engines and hence your otherwise conspicuous content will never be visible through search.

Not all search engines use same algorithm for ranking websites. If you are optimizing your website for enhanced visibility on a particular search engine, you should first gain an understanding of how it functions.

  • Have you been hit by Google penalty

Linkbuilding and keyword insertion are the most important techniques to increase a website’s search engine ranking. Hence, many SEO practitioners have been misusing these techniques to rapidly increase their website’s ranking. In an attempt to discourage such practices, Google introduced Penguin and Panda algorithms to penalize those websites.

The most obvious sign that your site has been hit by a Google penalty is if there has been a significant decrease in your organic traffic or if Google Webmaster tools has send you a message to warn you against manual actions.

If you are looking for professional service to optimize your website for increased visibility on search engines or for reversing Google Penalty, I can help.

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