Social Media Marketing

Social media is not just an online networking medium to stay in touch with your personal network. It has evolved as a powerful marketing platform that enables direct connection and two-way communication. Enabling your consumers to directly interact with your brand will help you drive traffic to your website and boost your ranking.

Building your site’s credibility through social media

There are far too many websites providing similar information. Even before you can verify the credibility of a site, search engines take the onus to provide you with the most credible sources of information. But, how do search engine bots evaluate an abstract human concept like credibility?

Search engines takes into consideration a combination of factors for website validation. Some of the main factors are the quality of incoming and outgoing links, a clean site, traffic volume, navigation and XML sitemaps.

Social media allows you to directly build your credibility amongst your users and reinforce your authority in front of the bots. Users are more likely to trust fellow users and hence when what you share on internet goes viral, search engines are bound to take notice.

Search engines have acknowledged this and now factor in social media popularity as one of the measures of credibility of a site or content. Google +1 is based on similar vouching system. Anyone on social media can share and thus vote for a link you create. And, since they are connected to a personal and/or professional network of people, your link stands a much greater chance of being viewed by far too many people on social networking sites.

Social media marketing tips

Following is a list of social media marketing essentials to drive value from your social media engagements.

    • Know your target group and engage with them in the right social medium platform.
    • Keep your communication interesting and consistent but professional.
    • Do not always share company centric information – Diversify your content but keep it relevant and engaging.
    • Your content should allow your users to contribute to the conversation.
    • Respond immediately to user requests, as your fast response will definitely influence user’s opinion about your brand.
    • Track your visitors/fans/follower on social media and study their behavior to evaluate better tactics for engagement.
    • Do not go for paid advertisements immediately after launching your profile – Test to see what works.
    • Incentivize sharing of your content.
    • Measure your efforts continuously and improvise.
    • Include engagement and reach in your KPIs.

Remember that efficient use of social channels will most definitely help you drive traffic to your website, allowing you to influence them further through the compelling content on your site.

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