Use this 5 Step Technique for Producing Content Ideas and Eliminate Writers Block

Ever wondered, why it’s so hard to produce content ideas?

Reality check:

  • It’s not about Producing Ideas.

  • It’s about HOW TO “GET” ideas.

FACT: An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements.

To GET an idea, you must be good at seeing relationships (connect-the-dots).

  • Great Content can be created if you KNOW YOUR PERFECT CUSTOMER AVATAR.

Content Gathering Methods:

  • Project Specific: Limited to a single task/project

  • Life Long Research: You collect content bits through-out your life

Simple 3×5 Information Gathering Method (Index cards):

  1. Write little pieces of information collected on 3×5 index cards

  2. Sort these into sections/categories

  3. Reference these later for your projects.

5 Step process for Producing Content Ideas:

  1. Gather Materials

  2. Find relationships with-in your materials

  3. Sleep over your thoughts and let the unconscious mind do the work

  4. Constantly think about your work

  5. Reveal the idea to the world and allow others to give their thoughts for improvements

The inventor of the ideas, must go through this process and be patient.

How do you generate new content ideas? 👇

P.S: Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of the law of gravitation is probably not the whole truth. When asked, how he discovered gravity, he said, “By constantly thinking about it.”