Web Analytics

All the effort that you have put into creating an inviting physical property in the virtual world is towards attracting more visitors and boosting your ranking on search engine. But, how do you measure your achievements in the virtual world?

Web analytics provides a means to analyze internet data. It can not only help you measure your web traffic, but will also provide comprehensive data on search volume trends, relevant and popular keywords, ad spend statistics, competitors, affiliate marketing statistics, etc., to help you strategize your internet marketing campaigns. Analytics tools also help site owners in managing e-commerce tracking and mobile tracking.

  • How does analytics tool work?

Web analytics provides data by primarily tracking visitors’ behavior to your website. When someone visits your website, a cookie is saved on his browser. The cookie becomes active every time the visitor visits your site and his browsing history is stored, without violating his privacy.

Tracking cookies and analyzing the collected data allows you to make necessary improvements to enhance user experience on your website.

  • Two categories of web analytics
    • Off-site web analytics

If you are planning to create your online presence, you must take advantage of off-site web analytics to evaluate how best to represent yourself online to create value for your business. Off-site web analytics will help you understand online market trends, user’s behavior, what is creating buzz, what appeals to online crowd, etc.

    • On-site web analytics

Once your website is online, it is important to regularly monitor and analyze its performance to ensure that it continues to create value. On-site web analytics will help you assess various factors that together contribute to the overall effectiveness of a website in attracting and engaging visitors.

Google provides free and effective web analytics tools to thoroughly analyze a website’s performance, including traffic drivers and conversion rates. It helps you evaluate commercial success of your website. You can also use the data to create strategic online marketing campaign using your website. Google provides a suite of free tools to primarily analyze the following aspects of your online presence.

  • Content
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Conversion
  • Advertisement

Monitoring your site using Google analytics will also help you identify if you are hit by Google penalties.

In addition to Google analytics, there are many other free and paid analytics tools available in the market. Evaluate the features and accuracy of analytics tools before trusting them to provide correct analysis of your website.

If you need professional help in conducting an off-site analysis or to set up web analytics for your website and study the data to learn how to improve your website’s performance, I can help.

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