Web Site Hosting

Now that you have acquired a domain name, you have to build the space to offer a pleasant experience to your online visitors. Web hosting enables you to create a website at your virtual address.

  • Which web hosting service to use

There are many companies offering web hosting services but before you go about exploring what they have to offer, evaluate your present and future needs first.

  • Purpose of keeping a website

Will it be a blog, a mere online presence, a business marketing tool, information rich site, social networking site, video sharing, an e-commerce site, etc?

  • Moving an existing server

Are you transferring your existing website from a different server account to your own? Or, are you buying a fully-functional website?

  • Do you need your own server?

You can choose between shared and dedicated hosting. Unless you have a massive site, especially a video hosting site or a site that is expected to receive huge traffic, a shared server will be able to meet your requirements.

  • Can you install a website?

If you cannot, then choose a web hosting service that has the feature to allow you to instantly install one of many popular CMS (Content Management Software) packages like WordPress and Drupal.

  • Do you need e-mail in the domain name

While most of the hosting services provide a certain number of domain based e-mail ids to be created, it is always advisable to check how many they provide especially if you will need a large number.

  • Will you manage the server yourself or need the web hosting service provider to manage it for you

Once you have chosen which server you are going to use, you have to decide on whether you want the service provider to manage it for you or you are skilled to do it yourself. If you do opt for a managed service, be prepared to pay a significant additional cost per month.

  • Uploading method

If you are technically savvy, you would know that using FTP provides flexibility in managing websites. The non-techies can choose a host that provides a good online manager.

  • Room for expansion

Predict your space requirement and be practical when buying space. However, do not over spend on buying too much space as an average website doesn’t occupy more than 100-250MB.

  • Speed

Remember to test the speed of your preferred host’s network in your location.

  • Customer support service

Nothing is perfect in our world and even if you chose the best host, you might still be faced with issues at times. Find a host that is responsive to customers.

If this sounds too technical and you want to get an expert opinion, I can help.

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