Website Designing and Web Development

Once you have a domain name and have reserved a space in the virtual address, it is time to build your online identity through your website. Website should be designed with the users in mind, as it is in your interest to engage them online. A simple design and relevant engaging content ensures valuable user experience.

  • The look of your website

Although content is king, the look and feel of your website are also important factors in attracting and engaging visitors to your website. The design of the site should be simple enough for even a passing visitor to understand or atleast get an idea of your business.

A flamboyant site with bright colors, pop up screens and third party advertisements is more likely to drive away users. Avoid using flash programs, as it slows down website loading time and prevents your site from being indexed by search engines. Instead go for a simple design with not too many distractions and keep the navigation easy and fast for users to explore your site.

  • Quality content

Content is the most important component of your website. Today, there are many techniques to drive traffic to a website, but only content can really influence the users. Content doesn’t necessarily have to be text based. You can use images, sounds, videos, animations, infographics – whichever is relevant and will engage your visitors. Remember that internet is a very distracting environment and you only get few seconds to impress your visitors, so keep interesting headlines.

If you can provide compelling content to your visitors, they will spend more time on your site and return regularly to your website with expectation.

  • Here are some useful tips to help you create great content:
    • Keep your content succinct. Where applicable, update your content regularly.
    • Use images, sounds, videos, animations, infographics, etc to make your content interesting.
    • Make your content easy to read – using bullet points, good spacing, etc.
    • Structure your content – use “inverted pyramid” approach to attract attention; put the most important part of the content on top.
    • The headline should be spot on – Both search engines and your users will decide whether to visit your website, based on the headline.
    • Use effective but simple language – do not drive away visitors by using too many jargons or complex language.
    • Provide accurate, useful information and cite the sources, where applicable.
    • Ensure that the content is readable on all mobile devices.
    • Make the navigation easy for users.
    • Make your content search engine friendly, but do not overload your content with keywords.
    • Ensure fast load time – this is also an important user experience.

If you need professional assistance in designing your website, I can help.

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