January 2, 2013
A War with Emotions
January 2, 2013
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March 3, 2008

Running an effective business takes a lot of energy, people and processes. The business manager needs to choose the right people, the right product, the right market and the right clients. In my past experience, I’ve seen a lot of people and processes come and go. The geographically dispersed work culture makes it difficult to manage projects.

With all things changing, I have seen the business myths remaining the same. In general, the business myths have been:

  1. The customer is always right.
  2. Every customer is a good customer
  3. Every opportunity is a good opportunity.
  4. Our competitors are doing it, so we must do so as well.
  5. Everything has a high priority and must be done right away (or done yesterday!)

However, new processes and policies have been introduced which have caused us to re-evaluate these business myths. We all choose to be politically correct and we mitigate the risk of being a system which adopts what has being followed previously. For all of us change is the only constant.

If we don’t our serve our customers with respect and empathy, they will seek someone who will. While the customer isn’t always right, we will always make the customer feel important.

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