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Today, I had to take my younger daughter (Samaira) to the dentist to have them remove a child tooth so it would make way for her adult tooth to grow.

Here are 3 lessons I learned when visiting the dentist office:

As soon as we booked an appointment with the dentist,
we got text messages reminding us of the upcoming visit.
They even followed up with a personal phone call the day of the appointment.
Why so many follow-ups?
That way they can always have a booked appointment and if someone cancels,
they could squeeze in another person so they don't lose on revenue.

As soon as we entered the office and Samaira was seated in the operating chair, she was asked, what TV show would she like to watch on Netflix while they were operating her teeth.
She immediately said "My little pony".
They also explained to her in simple language what procedure they would be doing on her jaw.
The dentist's office was prepared to educate and entertain my child to make her experience a good one.

3. GIFT:
When leaving the dentist's office, my daughter was offered to choose a small present (a small toy from a basket).
My daughter loved it so much that she said to me she would not want to visit any other dentist.

The lesson we need to learn in our business:
1. KEEP YOUR CALENDAR up-to-date with appointments by following-up
2. EDUCATE & ENTERTAIN your customers
3. GIVE something EXTRA/OVER-DELIVER to keep your customers wanting to stay with you forever.

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