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Set the Tone on your LinkedIn Stories

How personal is TOO personal on LinkedIn?

We all love a good personal story.

We love how they can be…

🤣 Funny
✋ Relatable, and most of the time,
😃 Inspiring

So how personal is TOO personal?

I heard someone say:
"If you wouldn't say or share it in the workplace, don't share it on LinkedIn."

Maybe it's true… maybe not…

IMO, LinkedIn is still a social media platform…

And there is nothing wrong with getting personal with your social media accounts (including LinkedIn) and sharing your authentic self.

If you feel someone needs to hear your message, and you're providing value, you can post it.

Either they become your tribe, or they unfollow you. In both cases, you win.

P.S. I have a FREE template where you can document your journey (from where you were to where you are now). It is also a great way to organize how you'll tell your story to share on LinkedIn.

Just comment "JOURNEY" and I shall send it to you!

Do you post your personal journey on LinkedIn?

  • Yes, I love to share my story!
  • No, but I should start.
  • No, not really.
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