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Colors tell a STORY about your BRAND

Yesterday, I was preparing a 2-page flyer on Canva for my LinkedIn services and the feedback I got was to tone-down my colors.

So, I did some research and found this article from TVT Ropes that was an interesting share.

Here's a list of colors commonly used to identify several emotions:

ā¤ļø Red: Anger, embarrassment, or passion
šŸ’™ Blue: Shyness, sadness, or calmness.
šŸ’› Yellow: Cowardice, happiness, or caution.
šŸ’š Green: Disgust, envy, friendliness, or greed.
šŸ’œ Purple: Pride, fear, or courageousness
šŸ–¤ Black: Coldness or mournfulness.
šŸ’— Pink: Cheeriness, embarrassment, or love.
šŸ¤ White: Shock, fear, coldness, or mournfulness.
šŸ˜ Grey: Depression, regular sadness, or stoicism.

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