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Gender Inequality on LinkedIn is REAL 😾😾

Why do "Recruiters open men’s profiles more frequently"?

When looking at female and male candidates on LinkedIn, recruiters are 13% less likely to click on a woman’s profile when she shows up in search. (Source: LinkedIn Gender Insights Report)

According to the report, "Gender impacts the candidate journey."

Some tips for gender-balanced hiring:

  1. Share authentic stories about your work culture.
  2. Ensure your job descriptions arenít gendered.
  3. Focus on performance objectives.

An important part of achieving gender balance at work is addressing unconscious bias in the sourcing process.

Remember: Men & Women both deserve equal opportunity.

P.S: I've pledged to help both men & women who are currently unemployed, update their LinkedIn profiles so they can get more visibility from the recruiters & hiring managers. If you know someone who needs the help, I'll be happy to schedule a 15-minute call with that person to help them out. Just shoot me a message on LinkedIn.

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