Do you want more leads from LinkedIn?

Set the Tone on your LinkedIn Stories


I've been mastering how to grow fast here on LinkedIn for 3 years now and if there's one thing that I constantly advise my clients is to post on your LinkedIn page.


To be able to truly grow, you don't just post.

You have to put in the extra effort.

Here are what you can do to increase your following on LinkedIn:

  1. Identify people who are creating content that resonates with your message.

Take inspiration from them.

See what seems to be working for them and try it out.

Understand where they are lacking and maybe you can fill that out in your content.

  1. Look for the rising star posts and write a KILLER comment

Amazing things happen when you post killer comments

  • People start liking your comment and then responding to you.
  • These people then visit your profile and see what you're about.
  • Many of them end up following you or asking to connect.
  • You build relationships with the author of the post.
  1. Create your own original content on LinkedIn.

Creating your own original content can be quite challenging.

But crafting your own original content than just sharing other people's posts helps create a sense of familiarity from other user's to you.

"Familiarity breeds fondness"

So when you try to message them for an offer…

It is much easier to introduce yourself because they already feel like they already know you.

And when they feel like they already know you…

There is a higher chance of them acquiring your offer.

Has creating content been easy for you or hard? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 👇

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn everyday?

  • I could spend all day if I could
  • I check LinkedIn probably 3 times a day
  • I only check my LinkedIn once a day
  • I forget to check LinkedIn sometimes.
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