Do you want more leads from LinkedIn?

Set the Tone on your LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn is a goldmine, but you need to grab your audience's attention to make money.

To keep your audience consuming your CONTENT, you need a great HOOK.

Here are 10 HOOKS you can start using to hook your audience!

1. "You won't believe this"
2. "X reasons why __"
3. "Something you didn't know"
4. "Simple important tip"
5. "10 (insert tool tips) I wish I knew earlier"
6. "Top 5 (sites/apps) I use daily"
7. "How I got __ in 24 hours"
8. "Nobody is talking about __ (insert niche)"
9. "This is why your __ isn't working"
10. "Here are X tiny tips that can help you do __"

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