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Set the Tone on your LinkedIn Stories


>> I failed 4 job interviews
>> I used to stammer when talking
>> I failed in 3 businesses that I started
>> I failed in English during high school
>> I failed in Math & Law during college
>> I was accused (allegedly) of plagiarism
>> I've received "Cease and Desist" letters
>> I was insecure ("what would others think of me")

>> I've authored 3 books (check them on Amazon Kindle)
>> I've managed teams internationally
>> I have a Masters degree in Information Systems
>> I have a lovely wife and 2 beautiful twin daughters
>> I have true friends to talk with
>> I have a business that I love

Today, I'm HUMBLED.

I want to thank you for being part of my network.

I'm GRATEFUL for you. 🌼

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