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Set the Tone on your LinkedIn Stories

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LinkedIn Stories are one of the first things you'll see when you first open your LinkedIn app on your phone.

So, it is really recommended to use it as part of your marketing tactic.

But as of now, I noticed that not much has been using this feature.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. They forget to share something
  2. They believe they don't have anything interesting enough to share
  3. It's just too much work sometimes.

That's why having a structure and ideas you can follow is important.

Here are some of the ideas on what you should share in your stories.

  1. Give professional tips

Share your knowledge and expertise quickly with just a photo, video or even text story.

  1. Brand news and updates

Anything new going on with your business? Post updates?

  1. Testimonials

Improve your social proof by sharing testimonials made about you and your service.

  1. Snippets of your personal moments

Sharing a little bit of something from your life makes you more relatable to your connections.

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